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José Molina Serrano
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This surging eight-song album is a long-due tribute to the man whose compositions fill it from start to finish. Jose Serrano, born in Mazatlan just as the Cold War was beginning to steal joy from North America's post-Second World War economic boom, struts his musical stuff across this generous dollop of romping lyrical fun. The ride moves at a loping canter and sometimes at a gallop. It is a ride worth taking.   The music on this disc is indeed graceful. Once you have listened to this music in its entirety, you will see that the term grace holds the operative outlook of the album. It signifies Jose Serrano's abiding sense of thankfulness and appreciation for the people who have graced his life… for the good fortune that has marked his meandering journey to personal and musical maturity.   Jose Serrano grew up next door to the legendary Carlos Santana. As nine year old children, the two played in the streets together and Serrano still remembers Santana's mother calling the young Carlos in to practice his violin. But, Serrano, notes with gleeful pride, "when Carlos moved over to play the acoustic guitar, I said 'YES' ... and that became my instrument, too."
– Jim Merod, Blueport Sound